2020 Top Phishing and Vishing Attacks And Trends buy dumps with pin online, centralshop cc

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It’s an extra challenging year, harder than most, to choose the most impactful cybersecurity events. The year ended with a bang – the Solarwinds supply chain attack  – which possibly impacted up to 18,000 potential victims, including almost all of the Fortune 500, involved a top-tier computer security vendor, at least a half-dozen top U.S. government agencies, and essentially brought the long feared, nation-state-sponsored, supply chain attack into reality.

The Solarwinds attack was notable for a bunch of other reasons, including that it went undetected by everyone for over half a year and that it is one of the few attacks that may have not started with a phishing attack; although we still don’t know how Solarwinds was first compromised, so who knows? Phishing attacks are involved in 70% to 90% of all malicious data breaches and it has been that way for decades.

With that said, I decided to pick out the top attacks of 2020 which involved phishing, and some of them aren’t specific attacks, but trends.

What all of these threats have in common is the hackers or malware using social engineering to gain initial root access into a device or network. Organizations must deploy their best combination of policies, technical defenses, and security awareness training to mitigate the threat. If you’re interested, we have a webinar where we cover every possible thing you can do to fight phishing and social engineering that you can fit on 100 slides in an hour.

2020 has been a bear. A vaccine is here to hopefully make COVID-19 die down in 2021. Unfortunately, don’t count on a holistic defense to defeat hackers and social engineering in 2021. The way things are looking, as evidenced above, cybersecurity events are just getting worse. Go fight the good fight!

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