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ISS World, a global facilities company, has shut down most of its computer systems
around the world due to a cyber attack that infiltrated parts of its IT network.

The company, headquartered in Denmark, described the attack
as a security breach that impacted on its IT environment. The firm’s website is
out, with the homepage currently showing a holding page at press time.

ISS was targeted on February 17 as a malware infiltrated
its IT network with malware. The company is taking precautionary measures to
prevent further damage to the system’s data and resources by shutting down most
of its operations.

The company said the measures are part of its standard
operating measures during such an attack. It said the company immediately shut
down access to the sheared IT services on its sites across the network all over
the world, to isolate the incident.

ISS said it has identified the main problem, and it’s
currently working with forensic experts to rectify the breach. A special
external task force as well as the company’s hosting provider, is working in
collaboration to fix the issues and bring service back to normal, according to
a statement by the company. ISS said some of the IT systems have already been
patched, and customers’ data has not been compromised.

However, some media outlets are blaming the attack on ransomware because of the nature of the attack. But the company has stated that it’s still not sure what type of malware attack infiltrated their system. According to ISS, the company is not clear what type of malware infiltrated the system even though there are strong indications it could be a ransomware attack.

In this world of information technology, many staffs of
companies like ISS depend largely on computers to carry out their roles and
responsibilities. But that’s not the case with ISS staff. Most of the staff do
their jobs directly on customer sites.

Because of the nature of their job, which is working on
customer sites to deliver services, the operation of the staff will still go on
while the company tries to fix the malware issue on its systems.

According to the company, the main goal is to make sure
there is no disruptions in its services while it continues to fix the malware
issues. ISS said the staff would continue working and delivering services to
its customers through their sites as it pursues full restoration of services on
its network.

Recent Report
revealed that about 43,000 staffs of the company do not have access to emails,
which will certainly hinder their operational effectiveness in situations like

Presently, ISS World is still estimating
when it could completely restore the systems as the different parties are
seriously working on it. It will also access any potential financial impact or
damage caused as a result of the breach. ISS World says it would provide a further
update with additional information when there any significant progress.

Even with the problem the company is facing, it seems it
has done two things right. First, it has stated clearly about the situation to
inform users and the general public. It did not hide any information as some
other companies do when such attacks occur. Secondly, ISS World said it’s going
to provide more information when it discovers more information about the

The company said people easily demand answers from companies who suffer cyber attacks . Some of the questions are not based on genuine concerns, especially when the company demands more time to investigate the problem.

However, it’s appealing to ISS World customers to remain patient as they have always done. The company said its staff provide a full review of the situation and offer a complete update when it finally completes the investigation.
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